My Leg Was New Again

Very impressed! I had a bad IT band issue that got so bad that I could not run or even walk down the stairs. This happened on a Sunday, got worked on Monday by Dr. Mcclintock and by Saturday was able to run my 200 mile/ 10 man relay with my team in competing in the Texas Independance Relay. Without him my team and I would be toast. Took two days and my leg was new again.

// Darrin P. - Houston TX

Restored my Quality of Life

I will try my best to keep this simple and as short as possible ."Dr. Mcclintock's expertise and knowledge restored my quality of life."

For someone that has never had an extreme back injury you never think about how much of a privilege and blessing it is to be able to take a simple stroll around the block or even stand up for that matter. I was that person and truly felt invincible. I never thought I would hurt my back.

I just started regaining an active lifestyle again and finished three cycles of P-90X . I never felt better in my life, working out and eating clean, I was focused.Then the unthinkable happened, I hurt my back lifting a speaker at my church.

I thought I just did something simple and would be back at it within a week or two. I went to the emergency room and the Doctors put me on a steroid pack. I was confused because after two weeks I was still in severe pain and could barely walk. Something was really wrong.

This is when I started to look into different options being only 28 years old I knew I wanted to avoid surgery at all cost. I did some asking around at my church and was told about a chiropractor not far from my house.

The next morning I walked into Dr.McClintock's office feeling very nervous not knowing how severe of an injury I had on my hands.

From the very first visit I felt comfortable and confident with Dr. McClintock. He was very honest with me and straightforward and told me exactly what it would take to get this injury behind me. After 4 treatments I was getting better but still something wasn't right so he scheduled an MRI for me.

The MRI news was worse then he thought. I had a 6 mm disc slip on my right lower lumbar. It felt good to know exactly what was going on inside. Dr. Mcclintock reassured me that he could get me back to my old lifestyle and gave me a detailed plan. Three times a week for 6 weeks was the estimated time frame. We didn't make it that long Dr. McClintock had me up and going again within a month. He then started talking to me about what I could do next fitness wise. I wanted to jump back into P-90x, but he told me I should look in to cycling because its a no impact fitness option that would strengthen my back. Now my back feels 100% and I cycle a minimum of 120 miles a week.

I highly recommend Dr. Lance Mcclintock, he is a trustworthy and heartfelt Doctor that really builds a relationship with each of his patients. He is a doctor that really cares and will do everything in his power to help you get back to an active pain-free lifestyle. Thank you Dr. McClintock for everything you have done, you are truly appreciated.

// Andre M.