New Patient Tips

Arrive for Your First Appointment Early: It is recommended that you arrive 5-10 minutes early for your initial visit to allow you enough time to fill out the necessary paperwork and allow our staff to verify your insurance benefits.

Wear Comfortable Clothing: Often new patients find that they are most comfortable during treatments in loose or stretchy athletic gear. This allows the doctor to assess and treat each patient without tight or restrictive clothing. If your complaint is below the waist, it is recommended to bring comfortable shorts. It is recommended that females bring or wear a tank top, or sports bra. Our clinic does supply clinic gowns and clinic shorts for patients to wear, so it is not mandatory to bring your own clothing it is merely more comfortable for patients.

Bring Your Health Insurance Information: Please bring any necessary insurance information with you to your treatment so the staff can conveniently assist you with your payments.

Relax and Enjoy!


Dr. McClintock accepts most insurance plans in his office. Below is not a complete list, if you do not see your carrier listed below, please call our office and a member of our staff will be happy to assist you.

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • United Healthcare
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Medicare
  • Great West

For your convenience, our insurance specialist would be happy to verify your benefits prior to your first appointment.


Does chiropractic treatment require a referral from a medical doctor?

No, you do not need a referral from your medical doctor in most cases. A chiropractor is a primary care health care professional. This means that chiropractors have been educated to diagnose and manage your condition. If your condition falls outside the chiropractic scope, then a chiropractor will refer you to a medical specialist or to another healthcare provider.

Will I need X-rays or imaging?

Dr. McClintock x-ray patients when they are medically necessary, which is determined after a thorough history and examination has been performed. At that time if it is determined that you require imaging Dr. McClintock will refer you to a nearby imaging center. Chiropractors have been trained and are licensed to interpret and diagnose radiographic images. If you have an x-ray taken, on your following chiropractic visit, the doctor will review your films with you to help you clearly understand your condition.

Is treatment going to hurt?

If your injury is already painful, treatment in the location of injury may produce some mild discomfort. We always want to have patients leave the clinic feeling better, however, it is normal to feel some short-term discomfort immediately following treatment. The tissues and nerves around your injury become very sensitive to pressure and movement; our goal is to reduce the irritation and inflammation leading to the elimination of pain and increased function and performance. After receiving an adjustment, some patients report some mild soreness following. This has generally been thought to be a reaction to the treating of joint adhesions (scar tissue), which was preventing normal motion of that joint, and it is a part of the natural healing process. Most commonly, patients experience immediate relief and relaxation after an adjustment. Patients most often enjoy their treatment sessions and leave the clinic with decreased pain with increased function and mobility.

How many treatments should I expect?

After a thorough history and physical examination, a diagnosis and treatment plan will be developed for your specific condition. It is important to keep in mind that each case is individual and there are numerous variables to determine how well an individual will respond to the proposed treatment plan, including: age, previous injury, nutritional status, lifestyle, and complexity of the injury. Every treatment plan length varies with each patient – we treat every patient as an individual case and will reassess progress and improvements with each visit as the treatments progress.

Should I use Ice of Heat for my injury?

If there is an injury you are concerned about asking Dr. McClintock before beginning any treatment is best. However, as a general rule ice! If there are any signs of inflammation, swelling or pain apply ice. You may use heat on stiff and achy muscles without any signs of inflammation or pain.